custom-fit mouth guard

Custom Sports Guards

The custom sports guards from our office help cushion a blow to the face, minimizing the risk of broken teeth and injuries during sports activities. They cover the upper teeth and are a great way to protect the lips, tongue, soft tissues, face, and jaw.

Occlusal Guards

What is an Occlusal Guard?

Occlusal Guards are removable teeth grinding guards that fit over the teeth and are used to help prevent teeth from wearing due to grinding and clenching during sleep.

custom occlusal mouth guard

Who can benefit from an Occlusal Guard?

Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, can cause serious damage if left unchecked. Grinding your teeth can cause:

Wearing away of the tooth enamel and possibly the dentin, leading to tooth sensitivity

Cracking or chipping of teeth, bridgework, or implants

Painful or loose teeth

Recession of gums

Facial pain due to clenching of jaw muscles


So, what can you do?

Try your best relaxation techniques! Seventy percent of bruxism sufferers clench and grind their teeth due to stress and anxiety. Schedule an appointment with us to discuss the best treatment option for you! Putting an end to teeth grinding can help alleviate pain, preserve your teeth, and keep you smiling with confidence.

snore guard

Snore & Sleep Mouthguards

Oral snore/sleep appliances are premium, custom sleep guards are developed for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. It is an effective, comfortable, and durable alternative to CPAP therapy or corrective surgery. By simply wearing a snore/sleep appliance while sleeping, your lower jaw (mandible) will be moved forward into a comfortable position, allowing relaxation of the tissues at the back of your throat and ensuring the base of your tongue does not collapse and block your airway, giving you a safe and soundless sleep. Most patients and practitioners prefer custom snore guards for their comfort, convenience and effectiveness.

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