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Porcelain Veneers

The porcelain dental veneers at our office are hand-layered in a traditional method to achieve the most esthetic and natural appearance. Each veneer is tailored to your smile with a careful eye to depth, finish, texture and color. As an expert in veneer dentistry in Nashville, we use durable, fracture-resistant porcelain to correct spaces, chipped teeth, mild discoloration, slightly misaligned or excessively small teeth. Leaving your existing tooth structure largely intact, porcelain veneers are a great, minimally invasive way to enhance your smile.

Prepless Veneers

Prepless veneers adhere to the front of your teeth without the removal of your existing enamel. This non-invasive approach is a great option for patients whose tooth size and bite allows for the application of additional layers of thin, laminated porcelain veneers.

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What Our Patients Say

"I really can't say enough about my experience with Dr Hecklin and his team. I had gotten veneers done by Dr. Hecklin and my experience and end result was above and beyond what i ever expected. The treatment and advice from the very beginning was super helpful, professional and honest. They did not try to upsell me and make me get more than I needed, he even said to get less than I originally planned because there was no need. Dr. Hecklin and his entire team really cared about me and what I wanted to achieve and to make it cost efficient for ME!"

Myranda Marie Achvan

"I've known Dr. Hecklin for many years....and I must say...he is among the very TOP of those dentists that is knowledgeable, conservative, passionate, patient, laid back, and a pleasure to have as my dentist! The office is inviting, relaxing and FUN!...yes, FUN! The staff is equally as knowledgeable, passionate, welcoming, laid back! It's so calming and refreshing to know I am well-taken care of and that I matter in this fast pace of "next" in the service industry. Thank you Dr. Hecklin for taking such GREAT care of me and my mouth!"

Lesa Byrum

"My wife and I have been patients or Dr. Hecklin's for nearly 20 years and both consider him to be at the very top of his profession. No one is eager to go to the dentist... but Steve goes out of his way to be welcoming and make our experience as comfortable as possible. He is always concerned about, and goes out of his way to minimize, any discomfort we experience. We have great confidence in him both as a caretaker of our dental health and as a creative problem solver whenever dental issues arise."

Avi Poster

"I have been a very satisfied patient of Dr. Hecklin for twenty eight years. The quality of dental services is first rate and the staff are very professional and care about the patient’s satisfaction. The longevity of many of the staff is also a strong indicator of a high quality clinical practice, staff, and leadership. Also, Dr. Hecklin has responded promptly and effectively to a few emergency dental situations I have had over the past twenty eight years, whether I have been in or out of town. I would recommend Dr. Hecklin and his dental practice without any reservation."

George Bone

"I have been seeing Dr Hecklin since we moved to TN 18 years ago. You will not find a better dentist (and person) anywhere. I was a dental phobic person, but he was understanding and always took time with me, now I look forward to seeing him, and all the wonderful ladies who work there!"

Theresa Tarkington Kersey

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