KoR teeth whitening

KöR Whitening

KöR Whitening is effective, comfortable, provides phenomenal results, and is perfect to remove most stains caused by genetics, aging, foods, beverages, etc.

Our professional teeth whitening team in Nashville will create custom trays that seal out saliva and allow the bleaching factors to directly diffuse into the teeth. The whitening gel provides 6-10 hours of whitening activity. This trusted system has two components, including at-home whitening followed by an in-office treatment to achieve undeniable results.

Even teeth with super-resistant stains from tetracycline or fluorosis will brighten after adequate concentrations of KöR whitening.

What Our Patients Say

"I can’t speak highly enough of this practice! At my first appointment, I saw Dr. Braden and Amanda and I can honestly say I've never been treated better at any sort of dental or medical facility. Amanda was incredibly friendly on the phone while setting up my appointment and getting my insurance worked out, and she greeted me as if I was a friend when I came into the office. They somehow made my dental procedure enjoyable!"

Kayla Sprindis

"I can always rest assured that I am in the best of care when ya'll are taking care of my dental needs. Everyone is so gentle and careful to keep me comfortable when you are treating me. You're always so professional and responsive to my needs. Thank you for being My Dentist!"

Elizabeth Southard

"I LOVE the staff. They truly care about you. (Kellie, Vanessa, Vicki, Amber, Amanda, Mary Dawn, Ashley, Deborah, Julia, our family loves all of you! Dr. Hecklin is amazing and has taken good care of my teeth. He settles for nothing less than perfection. Shout out to Robin who makes cleanings feel like my mouth is at a day spa."

Drew Sensing

"Professional and caring and dedicated to their patients all describe one's experience at Dr. Hecklin's office. My hygienist knows my care and needs, and she provides excellent care and professionalism. I have been a long-term patient and benefited from the care and expertise in Dr. Hecklin's office."

Bradford Gioia

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